Todo village is one of the traditional villages of the Manggarai community. In the past, this region is one of the centers who became ruler of the Kingdom Todo Manggarai district at that time. Todo is about 45 kilometers from Ruteng, the capital of Manggarai. With a travel route that passes through the hills, towards Todo can be reached within 1.5 hours using a personal vehicle. Although already widely known to tourists, but also exploits the popularity of Kampung Todo seem much less compared to Wae Rebo, one of the indigenous villages in Manggarai. Yet to get to Wae Rebo have to go through road that passes through the village of Todo. The distinctive feature is Niang village Todo Todo, a custom home circular thatched known is the royal palace Todo past. To get to the Traditional House Todo is easy, we can use public transportation Manggarai namely Otto wood. Ruteng town of Mena terminal rose otto wood or Dintor majors Narang, otto beroprasi from 07.00 to around 13.00. The journey from terminal Mena reached the village of Todo approximately two and a half hours, with a typical mountain road winding and potholes here and there. But do not worry, the trip will not seem long and tedious because during the trip we will see the natural scenery is so amazing. Todo reached the village we will be greeted by a very friendly by om and tanta guard Todo traditional house and immediately offered a cup of coffee Manggarai. We're going maintenance costs Traditional house about twenty thousand rupiah, after that we are welcome to wear fabrics Todo before entering the house area, after which it could be photographed chatting.
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