Gunung Ranaka

Gunung Ranaka is a volcano located in Manggarai regency, East Nusa Timut. Mountain which is about 2140 meters climb a mountain that frequent visitors. The location of this mountain can be visited aboard a private vehicle or public bus eastbound Flores. This mountain climbing trip so far around all 9 Km to the top of this mountain. Arriving top of the mountain can be seen a base station belonging to Telkom. In addition, the natural scenery of this idyllic mountain peaks. Ranaka mountain last erupted recorded on January 11, 1988 with the height of the smoke about 8,000 meters and is also accompanied by hot clouds that leads to Reno and Wae Wae Teko in the volcano's north. If you visit Mount Ranaka do not forget to rest at the hotel sindha. We provide complete facilities you need. You can start the day with a morning meal that we provide at our hotel before starting your ascent.
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