Golo Curu

Judging from what he said, Golo is a hill / village, while Curu could mean the shuttle or the name of a tribe that once inhabited this hill. Golo Curu is a small hill there is the "Cave of Mary" is a place of pilgrimage and prayer of Christians. The perfect place to see the beauty of the city of Ruteng. When you want to capture the moment of sunrise and see the cloud can be done from the top of this hill. If you want to see the sunrise (sunrise) should come to this place before 6 (before sunrise), because you will see a view of the sunrise over the hills. It is not difficult to find this place because before entering this place there is the village. From Ruteng town center there is no signpost, but when entering the village where there are road markings as a pointer serve directions to the location. There is no public transportation such as public transportation. But do not worry because you can use our rental car facilities are available to take you to Golo Curu within 3.7 km timely. So you can enjoy the most amazing scenery and indulge your eyes looking at sunrise, panorama of rice fields, and Ruteng City from Golo Curu.
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